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Friday, November 19, 2021

Post #4 - Visual FX Update and a Classic TOTD TV Interview!

So due to some circumstances, the article/post originally scheduled for today will not be seen. In it's place is the following special presentation...

See, I can smile!
Work proceeding apace on repairing, fixing, restoring bits of TWILIGHT OF THE DOGS that either need to be done, or have just upset me for years. Those are about 75% done through the able assistance of my pal Peter Montgomery, Scottish filmmaker and Visual Effects Artist extraordinaire. His amazing Victorian era movie DARK EARTH is phenomenal, especially for a film being shot/completed one sequence (sometimes one shot) at a time. Check the link here to an article from the UK Daily Record in 2014. Peter is Director, actor and VFX Director, is good at all three, a real triple threat!

Director, Actor, Visual Effects Creator Peter Montgomery, right,in a scene from his film DARK EARTH

Here's some frames from recently "sweetened" VFX shots from the new widescreen version of the film (which it was always intended to be)...just took 26 years to get there! :

Thanks Peter for your continuing exemplary work and support helping to bring TWILIGHT OF THE DOGS into the 21st Century!

Assistant Director Julie Lucas & Gage Sheridan shooting a 35mm background plate for later VFX. 7/93
...and now this:
BROADCAST HOUSE LIVE - CBS Channel 9 in Washington DC, Tuesday March 22, 1974 - Co-Hosts Robin Young and John Curley.
This was a "real" interview show...not a cheap budget show (like many I've been on over the years), first and last one I ever did. I had my own makeup artist and dresser (who ironed my clothes!) and they both made me look good! All this made this such an easy one to do. Why?
Because you aren't worrying about your clothes or if your face is shiny or your hair is amiss. They even provided transportation (see the end credits). 15 months later (7-26-95) the show was cancelled. That was a shame because this was a class act through and through.
The hour-long show debuted September 1993 and was a return for a first-class morning variety program in the Nation's Capitol, but it couldn't compete with Good Morning America and the other top network shows so it lasted less than two years.
Notes prepared for the hosts Robin & John by Broadcast House Live staff

Thanks to Aloma Denise Alber (Publicist for our film TWILIGHT OF THE DOGS) for booking me on the show.
(Also, though this was taped March 14, it did not go out over the air that day, they finally aired it March 22 while I was away in Hollywood, and my "Assistant To The Producer" Liz Heyd taped it (though she joked, "If I remember"). So not quite "live", but hey, stuff happens.).
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From left, Billy "Butch" Frank, Marc Sehring, Charlyn Miller, Joe Rowe, Alicia Craft, Gary Waxler, unknown, preparing for the BIG group picture (on the Russian tank! Photo by Paula Sussman.


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